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ABC-Talk is a shareware, single-player, package of educational games whose distinguishing feature is that it provides audio feedback and encouragement to the pupil. ABC-Talk is a companion program for 123-Talk. The product consists of eight mini games which are: Keyboard Banger : When this game starts it paints a pattern on screen using a word in multiple colours. When the child hits the keyboard the word is displayed centre screen and the game says 'Try saying ........'. The pattern is wiped and a new one is drawn using a new word. The ABC Song: The letters of the alphabet are shown on screen and a child sings them in sequence. Say The Alphabet: The game displays a letter and then asks the pupil to say what the letter is. This is repeated until the payer aborts the process Talking Keyboard: The game asks the pupil to press a key and it then tells them what letter they have pressed. Find The Letter: Another variation on the theme, the game displays and saya a letter and asks the pupil to find the key and press it. This game is scored. See And Spell: The game displays a series of two and three letter words which the pupil must spell correctly Spelling Test: The game says a short word and the pupil has to type in the correct letters Easy Mouse Draw: A basic drawing program using the mouse, the pictures are not saved Adult Control: This is not a teaching program, it is the function that enables the parent/teacher to control the game and check on the pupil's progress The game is keyboard controlled with the mouse only being used for the 'Easy Mouse Draw' option. The parent/tutor can also integrate their own voice files into the program. The basic game used the PC-Speaker though there were more expensive options available for those with SoundBlaster and SoundBlaster Deluxe boards

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