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A Journey Into Xanth takes place in the magical world of Xanth known from the books of Piers Anthony. The game is a classic interactive-fiction game, with a text parser as the sole user interface. It was developed using a contemporary toolkit (Adventure Game Toolkit v1.3). You are playing a young man named Mim. Like all inhabitants of Xanth, Mim has a unique magical ability, the so-called talent. In his case he is able to conjure a magical mirror which can then be used to talk to any person he wants to, regardless of distance to that person. His talent makes him a quite important member of his local community, the Gap village. He serves as the villages' liaison to King Trent the ruler of the lands of Xanth, who resides in castle Roogna. Mim regularly corresponds with the King discussing various matters. This serves as the starting point for your adventure, as the latest communication with the King will result into a mission given to Mim.

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