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Microsoft Windows 3.0 is a multi-tasking operating system by Microsoft. Included with Windows 3.0 are two game: Reversi and Solitaire. Reversi is a no-nonsense adaptation of the popular board game Othello. The player plays against the AI. There are multiple skill levels at which the game can be played. Player and AI take turn placing one of their tokens (red and blue) on the field. The token may only be placed adjacent to an existing token. If a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of any number of same-color token is closed in by the other color, the row changes color. The player with most coverage when the board is filled wins the game. The game uses vector graphics that scale along with the size of the window it is played in. The game is identical as seen in all earlier releases of Windows Windows 3.0 is the first edition of Windows to feature Solitaire. In this card game, the goal is to put all the cards sorted (ace, two, ..., queen, king) by color into the four fields at the top. When starting a game, the target fields are empty, the main field consists of 7 piles or cards, whereby only the top one is visible, also in an ascending amount (left side one card, right side 7 cards), and the rest of the cards are in one pile at top left. Cards can only be moved from one pile to another when putting a lower card of the opposite color on a higher card, when the pile is empty, kings can be placed there, and finally, when the target piles are empty, only aces can be put there (then twos on aces, etc.). When all cards are sorted in the target piles, the player has won the game. If no more allowed moves are possible, the player has lost the game.

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