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Bubble Blobb II is a German action game similar to Crillion. It is a sequel to Bubble Blobb and has better controls and MIDI music. It is like Breakout except that the player controls the ball directly. The ball will always bounce up and down and the player only controls its left and right movement with the Shift keys. When the ball hits a block of the same color it will disappear. The ball changes color when hitting certain "color changer" blocks. The object of the game is to reach the exit by navigating through the maze-like levels. There are rainbow blocks that cause the ball to randomly change color for a while. Special blocks, marked with a question mark, cause the level to change when hit. Usually special blocks will remove walls or reveal other blocks such as the exit. Movable blocks, marked with arrows, can be pushed around by the ball, but only when the ball is the same color. And there are deadly blocks, when hit the player loses a life. Compared to the predecessor, there are some new blocks. These include a plus and minus blocks that fires a spark between them every once in a while, and a one-way street where you can't move in the direction of the arrows.

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