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Expo may be thought of as an exploration-based puzzle game: each level strands the player somewhere within a scrolling overhead map, and the goal is to find a way out of the maze-like surroundings. This is done by finding and collecting the required golden keys (a different number on each level) and then reaching the exit. Trouble is, you have a limited number of moves (or 'rounds') to carry out your escape: take too many turns, and you're out. You'll also have to watch your life meter, which denotes your bodily resistance towards various dangers lurking in the wild. The exotic terrain contains many such perils, like water and muck tiles that drain away energy when passed through. Other, more specific locations can restore your strength somewhat; you may find that some award you points (or take them away). Sometimes a teleporter will stand between you and the exit, but there's an entrance fee - which must also be covered by the points you earn. In short, blazing a trail through the levels will require careful planning and strategizing.

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