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Legends of Murder is a fantasy/role-playing/murder mystery game. In Volume 1 of the series you, Inspector, have been summoned to a small castle near the harbor city of Erdwyn to investigate the murder of the King. Hired by the advisor of the deceased King, an elf named Ash, you set foot in the castle after a long journey across the sea, and the game begins... The ultimate purpose in the game is to discover the murderer of the King. The character is walking on a tiny map sized in 1/5 of the screen, and when he comes inside new room, the description is written. There are numerous riddles and puzzles to solve along the way, as well as many people to meet and places to explore. It is very important that you talk to everyone you encounter, search all rooms of the castle you enter, and make note of what you learn for later reference. The Inspector (of Fighter/Mage class) has a number of personal attributes, common for RPGs, which affect the play of the game. Spells must be learned from special books. The higher a character's level, the more powerful the spell he can learn.

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