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Virus Rage belongs to a somewhat uncommon class of games - a medically-themed action shooter: the player is given control of a tiny hypodermic syringe, maneuvering within the confines of a microscopic grid of cells. The problem: your poor patient is suffering from a viral infection, and it's quickly mutating to boot. The solution: kill off the contaminating agents by destroying the active nuclei on each level. These nuclei are surrounded by live viral cells that quickly multiply, and your syringe can fire off pellets that convert them into dead ones; you snuff out an active nucleus by extinguishing all the live cells around it. There's a catch however: if you accidentally shoot the nucleus itself directly, you'll kill the patient... complete with a grisly face-melting animation. The viruses fight back with mutated strains, which tramp around reviving viral cells (and killing the player on contact); there are also dormant nuclei which the enemies can awaken to an active state. The nuclei may also launch noxious spores that seek out our meddlesome medic with lethal intent. Once the disease is eliminated, you go off to disinfect a new locale. The game keeps track of the 15 highest scores, and features a Practice mode for less-experienced practitioners.

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