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One of the more original "business" games made, DinoPark Tycoon is both a strategy and educational game. Build a theme park showing off various types of dinosaurs. You are in charge, and have to do many things, including: borrowing money buying and selling dinosaurs buying fences to keep them in, including electric fences for extra security hiring staff, such as maintenance, cooks, tour guides, vets building and expanding your park to include things such as washrooms, concession stands, and parking lots setting admission fees advertising your park To aid you in making decisions, the game includes these plus more features: dinosaur fact guide daily records quarterly financial reports calender There are many more features, such as the ability to buy seeds so you can grow your own plant life for the herbivores. If you want to take a break from the business part, you can watch your park and see people walking through the park and other things.

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