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KaleidoKubes is a puzzle game where players places cubes on a board. The game is meant for two players, either against a human or against the computer, but there is also a practice mode for one player. Each cube is split into four triangles of different colours (blue, green, red, yellow) and to place one on the board the colour of each side has to match the colours of adjacent cubes. Each cube has to connect to at least one other cube. The players earn points for each cube that is placed on the board and the more sides that are connected the more points will be earned. The game is turn based and each player has a limited time (30 or 60 seconds depending on settings) and when it's out the player gets a point penalty and the opponent takes over. For each turn the player has just one cube which can be rotated and if he can't find a solution it's possible to pass. The winner is the player with the highest score when the board is filled or when two consecutive combinations of time running out or passes have been made.

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