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You are a Battlemage - a Ranadinn : you have the skills of a fighter, a wizard and a cleric. You've arrived at the islands of Argentan as a mercenary, to help repel an inhuman horde from the South. Monsters have settled into caves and abandoned castles, villages are under attack, and one of the four islands has already been conquered. The king has hired you to help save his defenseless lands, and off you go on your quest: to find the secret of the invasion's leader, a mysterious sorcerer possessed by the a long-dead evil, and vanquish him. The four islands are connected by a teleportation bridge, and serve as the overworld, with several dungeons and caves where you'll slay monsters, gain experience levels, and find gold. In towns and castles you can stock up on food and supplies, and sometimes get information from friendly NPCs. You command two types of spells, clerical and sorceral, in the form of single-use scrolls, and two types of attack - melee and ranged; your stats and level will determine your performance in both areas. Your character's line of sight determines the visible area per turn; the type of terrain also affects visibility, and in caves you'll have to light a torch to see anything at all. Progress is saved automatically, which overwrites any existing game data, so there is no way to restore the game to its initial state without a clean backup!

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