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Vetka ( Ветка - Branch in Russian) is a Pipe Dream variant. The puzzle task is to connect each burgeon on the grid field to the live branch by adjusting and turning other branches scattered around. There are six levels of difficulty, which differ by size of the puzzle. On the last difficulty level opposite edges of the field are stuck one with another, so the field becomes non-edged (mathematicians would say that the field is a torus). The player should click a grid's cell to rotate it in order to make a correct connection with neighbor cell. Click left mouse button to rotate cell counter-clockwise. Click right button to rotate cell clockwise. Player's skill in assembling the branch is calculated during the game and saved in the score table if the player reaches the top ten result. The less is the time of player's successful actions and the less is the number of waste (not necessary) turns, the greater the score is. Top ten table is the same for all difficulty levels.

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