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King's Quest: Quest for the Crown is a remake of King's Quest using Chris Jones' Adventure Game Studio engine. Unlike Sierra's own earlier remake of the same game, this version features VGA graphics, an icon-based point-and-click interface, voices (optional) and MP3 music (optional). In 2009 AGD Interactive released King's Quest I VGA 4.0, which can be considered a remake of their original 2001 remake. It contains the following enhancements: Newly enhanced game backgrounds and character dialog portraits A new "no dead-ends" gameplay mode (optional) to ensure that the game can be completed from any point Full narrator speech and lip-syncing for all characters Windows Vista support Native Ogg Theora movies, which means in-game cutscenes and movies will now play in Linux and PC emulations under Macs Full digital speech and music tracks are now included as part of the download rather than being separate downloads

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