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Dimono is a puzzle game where the main objective is to fill all squares of a 8x8 board with game pieces ("stones") while scoring the maximum amount of points possible. Each piece is a rectangular shape with coloured sides that can be either yellow or red. While the player is free to choose the square where to place the first piece, all subsequent pieces must be placed next to each other, and only if their adjacent sides match in colour. This means that each piece placed on the board limits the possibilities for further placement. Points are awarded for each piece placed, with higher score for more difficult moves: difficulty is measured by the number of adjacent stones that need to be matched in colour. Squares may contain icons that affect placed pieces in a number of ways, ranging from double the amount of points scored to disappearing pieces. Some squares may not allow pieces to be placed on them until a certain amount of points is achieved by the player. The player is shown the next piece that will be available after the current one, allowing to plan the strategy of laying out the pieces. If the current position on the board does not allow for placement, up to three pieces may be "reserved" for future use in specially designated slots outside the main board. The playing field may also be "scrolled" either vertically or horizontally: each column or row of squares is moved in the specified direction, opening up new possibilities for placing the pieces. However, using this option comes at the cost of reduced bonus points. The game has several variants and rule sets. Additionally there is a sprite editor that allows the user to modify the background of the playing field and icons.

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