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Math Circus: Act 1 is an educational game for children that teaches maths. All of the game's activities are based around setting up and managing a circus with twelve puzzles and activities in total. Each one introduces a new concept based around logic or maths with an adjustable difficulty level. Skills include spatial reasoning, perceiving patterns in size, order or time, or manipulating variables to influence the tricks of the circus acts. The twelve activities are: moving around balls around a grid of seals to make the balls match their stands, a timing exercise for a trapeze artist to cross one or multiple gaps, rescuing a magician from a witch and a monster with different attack patterns, a time exercise around reaching the circus in a determined amount of time taking into account traffic lights, shooting a ball into a bucket by adjusting the angle and the force of the gunpowder, math riddles based on combining multiple clues, a balancing act based on the position and number of different people on a bar, calculating ticket sales, measuring the medicine for elephants, spatial reasoning by determining the coordinates of a missing bolt in the scaffolding, influencing the movement patterns of clowns into a set position, and arranging lions based on different variables. The game saves progress for the solved puzzles automatically. Up to 200 circuses can be started as new profiles.

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