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TEGL Monopoly is a more-or-less faithful shareware recreation of the American version of Parker's classic board game. The game is played with the mouse or with the keyboard, there is no save-game function and apart from a few beeps there's no sound. The game starts with the players deciding on their credit limit, they can have $500, $1000, $2000, $32768 or no credit at all. They then select their tokens, this is one point where the game deviates from the board game in that the tokens are tiny people of various colours. The players then take turns clicking on the dice icon, once to start the dice spinning and once to stop them. The little person walks the appropriate number of squares and the player buys the property, pays rent, or it's put up for auction. For the most part the game is entirely faithful to the board game, indeed the in-game documentation refers the player to Parker's rules in places. However it differs in the following, crucial, areas: Firstly the supply of houses and hotels is inexhaustible Houses and hotels can be built unevenly Property can be traded without having to sell all the houses first In the documentation the shareware game refers to itself as the 'The Electronic Monopoly Designer Kit' saying that 'the source code is designed to allow modifications to meet the different playing rules that players have developed'.

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