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As suggested by the title, this adaptation leverages the methods of famous blackjack strategist Ken Uston. Focusing on completeness, the game simulates tables at more than 70 casinos across the US, and implements their different house rules in minute detail - from the number of decks to dealer behavior, surrendering, splitting, doubling, insurance bets and more. A table can have up to 7 players; each can be controlled by a human or by the CPU, and given different cash amounts and betting units. For even more variation, players can create their own casinos and customize the rules to their liking. The game's stated purpose is to teach Uston's card-counting system. To that end, it includes a series of drills to practice the four different strategies, arranged by skill level. Computer-controlled players can be set to use any of these strategies during a game. For further instruction, the game offers card count data displays, keeps statistics and can rate the players based on their performance given their chosen strategy.

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