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When it comes to game plots, damsels sure find the weirdest ways to put themselves in distress: in this case, the poor girl has somehow managed to get herself trapped inside a balloon. Fortunately, our two protagonists spot her just as she's spirited away by the wind, and set out to find and save her - using nothing but their wits, agility, and an endless supply of high explosives. One or two players may participate in the quest, which unfolds across an increasingly outlandish array of locations: a park, a school, a construction yard and even a haunted castle. Your only weapon is the bomb, used to dispatch any and all enemies in your way, and to clear your path throughout the land. Each stage will have you tearing down the scenery to find coins, power-ups, and the coveted key to the exit door. Power-ups include upgrades to your bomb's power and range, as well as time-stops and temporary invincibility. A password feature lets you resume your play after each group of stages is cleared.

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