The Legend of Kyrandia


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Kyrandia is a magical kingdom that everyone dreams of. However, it's uneasy due to the antics of jester Malcolm, the disappearance of people, and the frozen nature. It's time to hit the road with Brandon, taking only the essentials for a long journey.

Here, you can fully enjoy the beauty of Kyrandia with its emerald meadows, cliffs, and unique inhabitants of the magical world. Brandon always aids the needy, for which the kingdom is grateful. Learning Kyrandian magic is a must as enchantment hides in every object.

Brandon ventures into dark caves without a map, but relief awaits on the outskirts of the bright forest. The journey isn't over, and the rescuers face their challenges.

The Legend of Kyrandia is a genre classic with memorable music. Play this DOS game directly in your browser. It's better to see it once than hear about it multiple times, right?

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