OpenTTD is a computer game, a ported version of the famous Transport Tycoon Deluxe game.

A real-time economic strategy game in which the player acts as the manager of a transportation company and tries to maximize profits by transporting passengers and various cargoes by road, rail, monorail, water and air.

Here you can play OpenTTD in browser, even multiplayer games are supported.

OpenTTD - release/14:

  • Newgrf graphics

  • Open music (open-msx)

  • Open sound effects (open-sfx)

  • AI: AdmiralAI, AiAi, ChooChoo, DictatorAi, FastPTPAI, MogulAI, NoCAB, RoadRunner, Rondje, SimpleAI, TrackAI, trAlns

  • 3 multiplayer servers

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