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Home Alone (1992)


Pick up flashing objects with the F1 key. Use the 0 key (numpad) to jump for high objects, then press F1 to grab them mid-air. Kevin can only hold three items; a warning appears if you exceed this. Press SPACE to continue.

Set traps by selecting items from your inventory with the F2 key. Potential trap locations are indicated as Kevin moves around the house; 'HERE' appears at suitable spots. Place a trap with F3.

Use the BB gun for traps in the middle of rooms or above. It's needed in your inventory, and the burglar must be directly underneath. Fire with the ENTER key in Phase II.

Press N to advance to the next phase before 9:00, or wait for Phase I to end automatically. Kevin starts Phase II where Phase I ended.

Options Menu

Access the Option Menu at any time by pressing the ESC key, which also pauses the game. The menu options are:

  • M - MUSIC: Toggle the game's music on or off, while keeping sound effects as they are.

  • A - ALL SOUND: Either turn off all sounds and music or turn them back on.

  • R - RESTART: Restart the game from the beginning of Phase 1.

  • C - CONTINUE: Resume your game.

  • Q - QUIT: Exit to DOS. Selecting this starts the credits; press ESC again to fully exit the game.


Step into the mischievous world of 'Home Alone' - the classic 1992 game where strategy and humor collide. Join young Kevin McCallister in his witty battle against the Wet Bandits. Experience the thrill of setting up ingenious traps and outsmarting your foes in this nostalgic adventure. Perfect for fans of the iconic movie and retro gaming enthusiasts. Relive the fun, challenges, and hilarious antics in 'Home Alone'!"

This description encapsulates the essence of the game, ties it to its popular movie origin, and invites both fans of the movie and retro gamers to enjoy the game.

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