How can I store my game progress between browser restarts?

js-dos provides multiple options to store game progress, including storing locally in the browser or using cloud storage. Read detailed instruction

What is the js-dos premium subscription?

The js-dos premium subscription grants you access to a range of exclusive services that require continuous maintenance and dedicated backends. It includes Cloud Saves, FAT32 writable storage, Multiplayer Servers around the world, access to experimental features, and more. Read more

How to increase performance (slow performance)?

js-dos in the browser uses WebAssembly to emulate DOS. WebAssembly does not provide access to the hardware of your PC; because of that, we can't use most performance optimizations while emulating DOS in the browser. However, DOS.Zone provides its own browser that bypasses this limitation. Read more

How to delete js-dos account?

Follow this instruction to delete your account.

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