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js-dos is undoubtedly one of the finest libraries for running DOS programs directly in your web browser. It seamlessly executes both dosbox and dosbox-x, providing users with a remarkable experience. The majority of its services are generously available to users free of charge, making it a preferred choice for many. However, you might wonder why a js-dos premium subscription exists and what additional benefits it offers.

The js-dos premium subscription grants you access to a range of exclusive services that require continuous maintenance and dedicated backends. These premium features go beyond the standard offerings and provide an even more enhanced and optimized environment for running DOS programs in your browser. By subscribing to the premium plan, you can enjoy the following advantages:

Cloud saves

By default, js-dos stores your game progress in the browser's indexed database. This is a great no-cost solution, but it has some limitations:

To address these problems, js-dos offers a cloud saves service. For premium users, js-dos automatically stores the saves in the cloud, allowing you to have your progress synced across all your devices. With this feature, you can now enjoy seamless gameplay experiences across different platforms.

FAT32 Writable Storage

js-dos supports running larger programs like Windows 95/98 games, which require access to fat32 storage. All js-dos users have access to fat32 read-only storage, allowing them to freely run such games.

For premium users, there's an additional benefit of write support. This means they can save their progress and even install new games under existing Windows 95/98 installations. With the write support, premium users can enjoy a more immersive experience by having the ability to save and modify their game data, making their gaming journey even more enjoyable and customizable.

Multiplayer servers around the world

With js-dos, you have the fantastic opportunity to play DOS multiplayer games. All js-dos users are able to enjoy these games using the Netherlands server, which is provided for free. However, due to the server's free nature, occasional lag may be experienced. To ensure a smoother and more seamless multiplayer experience, premium users have the privilege of selecting their preferred server for playing these games.

Access to experimental features

js-dos is continuously under active development, with numerous features being marked as experimental while still undergoing testing. Premium users have the exclusive advantage of accessing and enabling these experimental features ahead of other players, allowing them to experience cutting-edge functionalities before they are made widely available.

Support the project

If you enjoy using js-dos and dos.zone project, we would greatly appreciate your support through subscribing to our premium membership. By subscribing, you not only enhance your own experience with exclusive benefits but also contribute to the continued development and maintenance of our platform. Your subscription helps us grow and provide even better services to all our valued users.

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