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Open Duke Nukem 3D singleplayer

To start multiplayer game:

· Connect to IPX server (read bellow)

· Select "Network Game" in Duke Setup


Movement: WASD

Lookaround: Mouse

Jump: E

Crouch: Q

Open: Space

Fire: LeftCtrl

How to connect

To start the game please use Play button above.

After loading of DOS, the game will stop on IPX connection screen. It will look like this:

js-dos ipx connection

After this screen appeared please open Sidebar [ ]

and then press on Configure network submenu.

If you will host the game, you need to:

1. Create a new Token or use some existing one. Token is unique identifier of IPX server.

2. Press the Start button near IPX label to start the IPX server. Wait until it started.

3. Press the Connect button near IPX label to connect to the IPX server.

4. Share the token with other players.

If you will connect to the existing game:

1. Enter host token.

2. Press the Connect button near IPX label to connect to the IPX server.

After connection established you can press the Enter key to start the game.


You can find multiplayer opponents in following Discord or Telegram channels

Video & screenshots

screenshot of Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D is a famous and most played DOS game that supports Multiplayer games. Play Duke Nukem 3D with your friends in Browser for free without registration Duke Nukem 3D on mobile.

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